Tesla, a Pylons/Elixir framework

David Bowie as Nicola Tesla in the Prestige

Tesla is a framework built on top of Pylons and Elixir/SQLAlchemy. It’s being actively developed by myself and Ben Bangert (of Pylons fame). Like Pylons, Tesla is a Paste template, so you just download it, install it and run paster create -t pylons_elixir myapp to get started. A tutorial can be found here.

Pylons and Elixir/SQLAlchemy give you great power and flexibility; however, getting SQLAlchemy and Pylons to work together is a non-trivial task, as the mailing lists and IRC chats will attest. Tesla takes care of that for you by providing the easiest possible setup. It handles unit tests, setup code, and shell integration, and adds some extra commands for creating models and managing your database schema.

There will be more to come. Ben is working on a template based on Tesla with AuthKit integration and basic identity models, and we’ll probably be adding more commands. Integration with the SQLAlchemy migrate library is a likely possibility at some point.

At the moment Tesla is only available on SVN from Google Code. It’s really pre-alpha, so it’s not quite stable yet. Once it’s a bit more tested and stable I’ll probably add it to the Cheeseshop. Any feedback, suggestions and criticism are welcome (please post to the Pylons mailing list or IRC chat).

The name comes from Nicola Tesla, one of the greatest (and most unrecognized) scientists and inventors of the last century.


One response to “Tesla, a Pylons/Elixir framework

  1. I spent a lot of time today trying to get a pylons app (with SQLALchemy and Elixir) working with fastcgi 😦 and still not working!

    I’ve found Tesla this afternoon. I liked it 😀

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