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Tesla 0.2 changes

A few things have happened in the Tesla project over the last week:

  • Tesla is now on Cheeseshop ! This means you can install Tesla by doing easy_install (-U) Tesla.
  • Migrations. Yes, Tesla can do Rails-style migrations, thanks to the migrate library for SQLAlchemy. Read more about it here. Migrate commands can now be called from paster and a lot of manual steps are taken care of.

Plus, a bunch of unit tests and minor fixes.

Overall, I’ve tried to keep Tesla as lightweight as possible – adding some Elixir/SQLAlchemy bindings to a basic Pylons framework. The big news in Python this week has been that TurboGears 2.0 is going to be rewritten on top of Pylons, which is a great step forward for both communities and Python in general.

However, TG 2.0 will appeal to those who like the TurboGears way of doing things, while many “core” Pylons developers may prefer a more lightweight framework that stays out of their way but takes care of some lower-level details. That’s pretty much what I’m trying to achieve here. The challenge is to keep Tesla from bloating – so for example I won’t be choosing a particular template engine, widget library etc. That’s up to you.

Some things that are in the pipeline:

  • Integrating Mike Orr’s SAContext, which should provide more configuration options.
  • An AuthKit template based on Tesla, with some default identity classes and helpers.
  • The amazing thing about writing Tesla was how little work was involved – the heavy lifting is done by Paste and Pylons. You just write your glue code and templates and voila – a new framework.

    Now, when will we see Django running on Pylons ?